PHOSPHORUS - Signature Photo Collection by George Striftaris

PHOSPHORUS – Signature Photo Collection by George Striftaris

The ancient name Phosphorus comes from the Greek Mythology, meaning the “light-bearer”, often referring to the “Glowing Morning Star”, which is no other than the planet Venus. Phosphorus as an element of nature is essential particle for life.

On this Signature Collection of the exclusive photos created by George Striftaris, entitled “PHOSPHORUS”, the creator captivates the body, naked and secluded, through the elusive sense of quietness. The individual sometimes becomes the light reflector, for a few moments a beaming existence or simply –and for ever- the familiar person we wish to be with. “PHOSPHORUS”, appear to despise time and its constraints. Above all, figures are there to be looked at.


This is the third presentation and exhibition of the PHOSPHORUS Signature Collection, previously shown in Brussels (ANDRES-UNDRESS, Artbeat Gallery, November 2015) and Thessaloniki (K & K Showroom, February 2016).

“PHOSPHORUS” will be presented in Athens, Greece at the CHEAPART Gallery on Monday, March 21st, 20:00.

Following the reception, the Signature Photo Collection will be presented by the honorary keynote speakers:

Yannis Vastardis, Photographer
Alexios Papazacharias, Artist – Art Historian – Curator
Guram Chachanidze, Director – Photographer

Moderator Nikos Giavropoulos, Artist

Born in Arta, Greece, George Striftaris lives and works as an actor, casting director and photographer in Athens, Greece and internationally.

25 A. Metaxa Str. 106 81
Athens , Greece
t: +30 210 381 7517

Artality wishes the best to the friend and colleague George, who is an inspiration through his fine art.