10th INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL AND CREATIVE ECONOMY AND DEVELOPMENT, ATHENS 2019 – 10th ICCEDA 2019 – 4-5 October 2019, the Acropolis Museum Amphitheatre

The Arts Council Greece, the International Independent (Cultural and Creative Industries Consortium of Councils on Research, Policy, Economy and Development) along with the organising committee of the ICCEDA (Organiser), and its supporting organisations and I personally:

The 10th ICCEDA 2019 is a dedicated conference to Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Exchanges, Performing Arts, Cultural Heritage and Economy.

We are pleased to note that foreign embassies, in Greece, established foreign and Greek professionals, as well as cultural, educational, research organizations and institutions, regularly participate in the conference.

The conference is an established institution, as findings, papers and the work of the organizers, of the distinguished and prestigious guests (both individuals and institutions) from the cultural economy and the cultural management sector of the country, has been constantly presented to the Greek public during the last eleven years.

The 10th ICCEDA 2019 will last two days. The organisers offer additionally two (2) days for parallel events. The honoured countries for 2019 are the following (alphabetically): Canada, Czech Republic, Malta and Scotland,

To this end, the Conference Committee aims to bring together academics, public and private sectors, cultural and creative actors, researchers, organisation delegates from the Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Economy sector, in order to facilitate communication among societies and cultural actors, promoting social balance, education and cultivation, access to justice, social understanding and inclusion.The information produced aims at helping participants and delegates of organisations to better understand the work and the decision making of others, the programs and the opportunities offered by organisations and the criteria set for proposals evaluation. As well, it can facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, networking and meeting potential and future partners that may lead to fruitful projects and sustainable consortia.

If you wish to register to the event please follow the link and register here: http://www.icceda.org