Conferences are full of challenges. While working on each conference production we experience unexpected handling elements, the same time as creativity is on its peak.

We invest so much time and so many resources just for a single idea. The reward is our results and our customer’s credits.

We enjoy it so much! We see this joy through our customer’s eyes, through the pleasure and satisfaction which our customer’s invitees and guests receive.

How we ensure your conference adaptability and content will reach effectively your participants?
Keynote speakers (travel and land arrangements)
Product demonstrations (if any)
Games (if appropriate interactive and live)
Debates and open discussions
Workshops and seminars
Beverages and diners
Coaching sessions
Promotion and marketing (before, during and after)
Certificates and promotional material
Technology, translations and staging
Calls and follow up

Blending traditional with contemporary
Within an ever increasing digital, visual, technological reality on each of our conference we are exploring simplicity by incubating the very essentials of a communication between people.

This is happening through storytelling. Storytelling is most ancient form of common communication between people. This is what we search for and this is what technology is here to support.

Our conference is the enactment of the idea of storytelling. At the end participants take along with them a memory, knowledge, contacts and the desire to become better.

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