Cultural Productions

Artality offers its services to other companies on specific cultural production fields. If you work in the cultural fields and you need support, please do not hesitate. Feel free to get in touch with us.

“Individuals and organizations, which create and market cultural products.”


A culture production system develops three major subsystems:

1. The creative environment, to generate new symbols and products.
i. An example of this would be a music artist.

2. The managerial support, to select, make tangible, produce, and manage the distribution of new symbols and products.
i. An example of this would be a music label company.

3. The communications ability, to give meaning to the new product and provide it with a symbolic set of attributes.
i. An example of this would be a PR agency.

“The cultural field which situates artistic works within the social conditions of their production, circulation, and consumption. Individuals and institutions involved in making cultural products what they are: not only the writers and artists, but also the publishers, critics, dealers, galleries, and academies.”
“The Field of Cultural Production” Pierre Bourdieu

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