Theatre/Live Productions

Live and Theatre Productions

To produce a theatre or live production, we identify and organize the production the stages to implement smoothly the theatre production procedures.

We make a series of decision making, connected to the forthcoming production, the budgetary issues and fundraising team workloads and procedures, the supporting companies and the people involved.

How we guarantee the management success of your theatre or live production?
Decision making (content, aesthetics and associates)
Financial forecast, projections and funding
Allocate associates
Validate current production elements
Production design (tour if requested)
Production marketing and promotion (ticketing is included)
Production week and get in
The run (catering is included)
Evaluation and statistical reports (if any)


While producing a theatre or live production, management skill to organize and implement is the basic element which leads to success. The audience has to be focused to the artistic event or the theatrical happening, the play, the set design, the actors and the music.

Following the steps shown above we reduce the risk of a failure and we increase the success levels, as well as the qualitative factors which have a positive impact on our productions. We avoid creating obstacles between the audiences and the actual artistic event.

Imagination is the key factor to a fine, elegant and intriguing theatre production. Our audience should exit the theatre, different, having gained a unique experience, rich from ideas and full with memories to take with.

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