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What is Artality Ltd.

Artality is a firm based in London that specializes in event management and production. It not only creates its own productions but also offers a wide range of services to other companies. Trading corporations, production companies in the creative industries, artistic directors, and various artistic or cultural initiatives select Artality Ltd. as their partner for adaptable projects that cater to their specific needs.

Artality promotes conferences, events and live cultural and creative industries productions.

Artality actively promotes conferences, events, and live productions within the cultural and creative industries. Clients approach us with the aspiration of presenting captivating events. Often, these ambitions are accompanied by objectives that may not always be well-organized. To some extent, this is to be expected. We begin our work by understanding our clients’ perception of their business environment, which serves as the foundation for our initial study.

Our primary purpose is to define our customers’ goals, provide support for their ideas, and, on a case-by-case basis, encourage innovation and push the boundaries of creativity within their environment and company. This approach allows us to create events and productions that truly reflect our clients’ intentions and showcase their exceptional products.

At Artality, we offer comprehensive support, management, and production services for your events.

More specifically we are involved to the below listed event types, offering customized and carefully selected:

Event Types
Corporate Events and Meetings
Fundraising and Charitable Events
Sports and Entertainment Events
Theatre and Live Productions
Concert and Music Events
Brand Launches
Product Demonstrations

Additionally we offer the variety of our services
Event Assessment Services
Set Design Services
Lighting Design Services
Audio Visual Design Services
Staging Design Services
Event Logistics Services
Event Production Services
Providing Personnel Services (Upon Request)

For future collaborations and for general enquiries please send us an email on:
admin [@] artality.com
or please call us on:
+44 7827235550
You can also or follow our social media links’ in order to get updated or discuss with us your future event or production.

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